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# Donor Name Group City Area Mobile Number Last Blood Donation
1 nooldevyat_chekdonorov B+ Barkhan 203685477580 31-Dec-69
2 Shafique AB- Lahore Samanabad 203685477580
3 ?????? ??? ???? ?????????? ???????? ? ????????????? ????? ???? B+ Qila Saifullah 292509464764 31-Dec-69
4 Bilal Hussain B+ Lahore Lahore 203685477580
5 Umer Farooq O+ Lahore Lahore 203685477580
6 hoffertads O- Parachinar NA 203685477580 31-Dec-69
7 ABDULLAH AB+ Lahore Lahore 203685477580
8 Nazeer AB+ Lahore icchra 203685477580
9 tanveer B+ Lahore icchra 203685477580
10 BAKAR AB+ Lahore icchra 203685477580
11 ALI AHMAD O+ Lahore Lahore 203685477580
12 ABDUL HAMEED AB+ Multan Gul Gashat 203685477580
13 yournewpasswordhorienwfa 9743 B- Rawala Kot NA 203685477580 31-Dec-69
14 Waqar O+ Lahore Lahore 203685477580
15 Yurys B- Bahawalpur NA 203685477580 31-Dec-69
16 05.10_2chekdonorovPC AB+ Chitral 203685477580 31-Dec-69
17 M. Waseem O+ Lahore Lahore 203685477580
18 anas A- Lahore icchra 203685477580
19 dvadcatdevyat_chekdonorov AB- Gakuch 203685477580 31-Dec-69
20 Waqar Gujjar B- Lahore Gulshan E Ravi 203685477580

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Download our easy to use mobile app"PakLand Blood Society" and instantly search for blood donors which will reduce your search time for blood donors when you need one; with respect to blood type and location. The application is available on Google Play Store & can be download on all Android phones.

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Benefits Of Blood Donation

  1. Free blood checkup.
  2. Lower risk of cancer, heart attack, and other health disorder.
  3. Ameliorate your emotional wellness.
  4. Minimize the risk of damaging the liver and pancreas.
  5. Blood donation gives you spiritual and mental comfort.
  6. Physical health is improved after blood donation.

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