Any healthy individual can donate blood. Before taking blood, some questions related to your health will be asked to make sure that you can donate blood.

No, if you have a history of jaundice in the past, you need to be screened for hepatitis before donating blood.

Yes. The body contains 10 to 12 pints of blood.

For a whole blood donation, approximately one pint (which weighs about one pound-up to 500 ml) is collected.

The interval between blood donations should be at least 8 weeks.

Be sure to eat well at your regular mealtimes and drink plenty of fluids.

No more than a pinch in the beginning! Our skilled phlebotomists make donating blood as painless and comfortable as possible.

No each blood bag and its needle are sterile and disposable.

Not long at all. The volume of fluids will adjust within a few hours of your donation. The red blood cells will be replaced within a few weeks.

You should drink plenty of fluids during the first few hours following the donation. As for food, you can have your own regular meals.

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